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Can COVID19 affect Orangutans?

The COVID-19 crisis has reached almost every country in the world. The economic and social repercussions of the pandemic will be felt for years [...]

Here’s Why We’ve Got One of the Best Photography Tours in the World

One of the best things about going on holiday are the new opportunities you get to experience, whether it’s new food, different cultural traditions or [...]

7 Unique Holiday Ideas for the Conscious Traveller

A holiday doesn’t need to be mindless. Every travel adventure has the opportunity to be an educational experience, whether you’re learning how to cook [...]

Oceans and Orangutans: Backpacking in Borneo

Travellers seeking backpacking holidays in South East Asia often look to Indonesia, missing out on the wonders of its smaller neighbour Borneo. A lush, [...]

Travelee’s Trek With Orangutan Trekking Tours

We have people trek with us from every corner of the world and recently we were excited to host El Rowland (@elerowland_) and Lee Carseldine [...]

Why Eco-Travellers Should Choose Indonesia

Has it become impossible to travel sustainably in Indonesia? Millions of tourists come and go every year, impacting everything from the economy, to the environment, to [...]

What’s Sustainable Tourism And Why’s It So Important in 2017?

Do you practice sustainable tourism? Do you know what sustainable tourism is? Sustainable tourism is the worldwide travel industry that's committed to causing no harm to a [...]

Orangutan Photography In The Jungle: Making The Most Of Your Tour

  "What makes an incredible nature photograph?"   Is it the person behind the camera? Or what you choose to photograph? [...]

The Top 5 National Parks For Seeing Wild Orangutans

  Where can you see orangutans in the wild? Orangutans in the wild are a wonder to behold. While you may have been to your [...]

Critically Endangered: How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left?

Updated 16 April 2020   Just 20 years ago, it would have been difficult to pinpoint how many orangutans were left in the wild. Fast [...]

Our Guide: How To Get To Borneo

  Want to know how to get to Borneo? Visiting Borneo isn't very different from getting anywhere in Indonesia but it is smaller and less [...]

Discover Borneo On Your Indonesian Holiday

Borneo is one of Indonesia's best kept secrets. A lush tropical paradise of diverse cultures and cuisines; the island has wonders to offer any adventurer. Travellers from [...]

The Technology Free Trekking Tour

Could you go technology free? The thought of a technology free trekking tour might be intimidating to some people. Sharing experiences online has become second nature to [...]

How Everyday Palm Oil Products Are Killing Orangutans

As you read this blog, I want you to take a moment and think about what you did today.   Perhaps you woke up [...]

Meet the Man Trekking to Save Borneo’s Orangutans

  "let's keep these forests natural"   When Arbain founded Orangutan Trekking Tours in 2016, he was driven by the desire to protect [...]