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This page takes you through the itinerary for our private tours. If there’s something you want to include on your trek, we will try our best to accommodate you so you don’t have to miss out! We also offer a specialised tour for professional or budding photographers, which you can find more info on here.

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If you want to join a tour but can’t attend the full five days, we can arrange for you to join us later, or leave earlier. We will organise transport to pick you up or drop you off depending on which point of the trek you’d like to join.

  • All of our private treks go for five days, and can host up to 15 people.
  • Browse through this page to learn about our upcoming treks and the itinerary for the five day tour, including prices.
  • At the end, register your interest for an upcoming tour, or if you’re a photographer, check out the photography tours page.

What you can expect to see









Our Difference

Board Walk Kutai National Park, Kalimantan, Indonesia Borneo

Our Adventure Tour packages have been carefully designed to build an awareness of ecotourism while taking safety and impact on the environment into consideration.

We have spent most of our life in the deep jungle and rivers of Borneo and we grew up in the fields learning the skills to be wildlife and culture tour guides. We are also supported by the impressive and solid background of our families who have a deep knowledge of the land.

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From $275 USD per person per night (based on 4 person tour
– 4 nights/5 days)*

*Rates differ based on length of stay and number of people.

Airport Pickup 🌴 Kumai 🌴 Proboscis Monkey

Welcome to your trekking tour! Upon arrival at Pangkalan Bun airport, you will be picked up by your guide. After a short drive of 20 minutes to Kumai, you’ll board a private klotok river boat and be taken to register with the local police. The boat is a traditional klotok wooden river boat about 17m by 3m with an upper deck where you can view the rainforest as it glides by.

The guide’s team includes the boatman, a cook, and an expert guide. In the peaceful afternoon, we will slowly explore the quiet river by klotok while observing the wildlife along the riverside, like long nosed (proboscis) monkeys, long tail macaques, and birds.

Dinner is served on the boat, and it’s also where you’ll spend the night. We provide a simple mattress, pillow, fine meal, bottled mineral water, mosquito nets, helpful guides and boatmen, and kitchen facilities. Simple toilet facilities are also available on the boat.

Houseboat 🌴 Pondok Taggui 🌴 Camp Leakey 🌴 Klotok

After breakfast, we board the klotok and cruise up the river to Pondok Tangguy, the rehabilitation center for orangutans. You’ll be there to witness feeding time at 9.00am.

Once feeding time is finished, we continue boating along a side creek where you will see the magnificent reflection of the riverside vegetation in the tea-coloured water. Sometimes we’re lucky to see freshwater crocodiles and other wildlife attractions along the river bank.

We depart the boat at Camp Leakey, a research center for orangutans and one of the places where older orangutans are reintroduced into the rainforest. We’ll take a short trek through the tropical rainforest, searching for wildlife and tropical jungle plants. Then it’s back to the boat for lunch, another visit for feeding time at 02.00pm when the older rehabilitation orangutans are given extra food. Dinner is served, before spending the night on the boat again.

Klotok 🌴 Rehabilitation Centre 🌴 Local Villages

On day 3, we’ll cruise down the river to visit the other orangutan rehabilitation camps at Pondok Tanggui, arriving in time for the morning feeding for rehabilitated orangutans. Afterwards, we’ll stop down the river at Pesalat Camp to see the forest rehabilitation project where we’ll learn about the reforestation project and the work they’re doing to keep nature and the wildlife safe.

In the afternoon, we’ll visit Tanjung Harapan rehabilitation center and watch afternoon feeding time.Then we’ll visit the small village near the national park and meet the locals. If your tour is ending on on this day, there’s free time. Wake up early to heard the dawn chorus, enjoy another excellent breakfast and then travel down the river to Kumai. We provide transfers either back to the airport for your flight or to your hotel.

🌴 Camp Leakey

After breakfast, we will cruise up the river back to Camp Leakey. Visiting Camp Leakey again will let you meet orangutans who are more used to people. You will have the chance to interact with resident orangutans and learn from the researchers who are working at Camp Leakey.

That night there’s a nocturnal trek and our team will guide you around the forest of Pesalat to observe nocturnal animals and search for the glowing mushroom (depending on the weather). If you’d rather have a relaxing evening, we can take an easy cruise down the river and see groups of fireflies while having dinner.

Choose your own adventure 🌴 Final trek

For the final morning, you have the opportunity to choose your own adventure. We can take you to try and find different animals, insects or plants you’re interested in, or back to areas you loved from the tour. If you like, you can just enjoy the forest and surroundings, before a transfer to the airport for your next destination.

That night there’s another opportunity for a nocturnal trek where our team will guide you around the forest of Pesalat to observe nocturnal animals and search for the glowing mushroom (depending on the weather). If you’d rather have a relaxing evening, we can take an easy cruise down the river and see groups of fireflies while having dinner.

Every Tour Includes:

  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Riverboat
  • Camp Leakey
  • All meals, tea, coffee & water
  • Bed on boat (other accommodation also available)
  • Expert tour guides and the camera fee
  • Entrance tickets to the National Park
  • Send Enquiry

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